Boosting Growth, Performance and Enhancing Safety with IATA Air Cargo Solutions

Date: 2018.5.17

Time: 09:15-12:30

Room: N2-M41


Organizer: International Air Transport Association (IATA)


  • 1.This interactive session will unveil an innovative verification and acceptance tool for dangerous goods, developed to enable cargo operations staff to process the acceptance and, to some extent, the preparation of dangerous goods consignments more efficiently while reducing operational costs and, most importantly, further enhancing safety.
  • 2.Find out in an interactive session how CargoIS is leveraging air cargo market intelligence to help you maximize your growth and get ahead of competition.
  • 3.Join our demonstration of the IATA Net Rates distribution platform and learn how major industry players improve rate visibility, speed-to-market, and revenue management.


The IATA air cargo solutions comprehensive portfolio of industry products and services accompanies and empowers thousands of cargo organizations around the world to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their business, while also ensuring the sustainability and safety of the air cargo supply chain overall. 

This set of interactive workshops will take you on an exploratory journey and allow you to discover and see three key IATA solutions in action, as well as learn how they are helping cargo organizations remain efficient and future-proof.