Air Cargo China Forum: Collaborations along the Supply Chain and the Rise of Air Cargo Communities: Capable Of Meeting the Ever-Rising Transport Needs Of Perishables and Pharmaceuticals?

Date: 2018.5.18

Time: 10:30-12:00

Room: N2-M42


Organizer: Messe München


Moderator: Mr. Bernd MARESCH, Owner & Managing Director, MARESCH Ltd.


  • Find out the value of communities, summarize the needs of all logistic players towards these communities and discuss on how hurdles in participating can be overcome. Show best practice examples with its positive aspects on developing added value for the perishable or pharmaceutical air cargo transport. Define the requirements towards collaborations as such, but also the rising or changing requirements on transport to ensure a secure, temperature- adjusted and fast delivery in order to keep air cargo competitive and relevant for the industries.


Meeting the customer demand is a challenge. Players along the supply chain work together to better align, profit and learn from each other and having a strong voice towards governmental organisations with the ultimate goal to better meet the rising demands of transporting perishables or pharmaceuticals. New communities or interest groups are developing. It includes local or regional interests. But, especially in airfreight, industry-wide guidelines have to be ensured along the whole air cargo transport chain.
On the other hand: Players have to deliberate about whether to take part or not or to implement its own regulatory. Taking part is also a question of resources, legal discussions or even money. The question raises: is the effort worth the output? Is there a danger of fragmenting the air cargo industry rather than aligning all interests? How can a collaboration ensure a real value to promote and solve these transport needs? What is the best way to go?