Air Cargo China Forum: "Futurama" – The Power of the Internet and Its Resulting IoT Technology is Shaping the Future Air Cargo World. Curse and Blessing at the Same Time?

Date: 2018.5.17

Time: 10:30-12:00

Room: N2-M42


Organizer: Messe München


Moderator: Mr. Bernd MARESCH, Owner & Managing Director, MARESCH Ltd.


  • Find out the real potential and value but also hurdles of IoT solutions in air cargo. Analyse what level the logistic sector and air cargo related companies have reached already in using IoT technology. But also discuss new ideas on how IoT or UAVs steered over IoT can be used in future air cargo to really exploit its true potential. Exchange ideas and analyse how leaders in the field are adapting their existing organizations for success with the means of IoT technology.
  • Start-ups and tech-companies should bring the industry up-to speed in UAV technology and on how it can shape the airfreight landscape on the long-run.


"Interconnectedness” – one long word with a powerful meaning for the logistic world. Things communicating with us over the internet. Things steered with the help of the internet. The potential of IoT is an increasing, real-time transparency for the customer, an optimized fleet or warehouse management for all participants along the air cargo supply chain, data loggers for a better transparency, steering UAVs over the IoT technology and many more. Its potential is predicted to be enormous.

After the first hype and test flights of drones in air cargo, what is the most efficient future field for drone technology in logistics, especially air cargo?

Cargo air vehicles, and “777 drones” are in the pipeline. Will it affect the existing air cargo world? Or are the benefits of IoT in airfreight restricted to an improved real-time transparency?

But it is not all about technology it is also about a new mindset. Such fundament changes also rise questions on how to manage this change and how will it affect the way people in logistics work today? Does it require a totally different mind-set, and new thinking on how IoT or its resulting technology like UAV technology can shape air cargo into a more efficient, safer and transparent world?

Future technology and test-bench-thinking.